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November 4, 2016

Undocu Ally Training


Leadership Without Borders (LWB), founded on 2014 by staff at the Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center, is dedicated to work with our campus and at large community to build a comprehensive pathway for undocumented students’ access and success at our university and beyond. As part of this work, LWB established the Undocu Ally Training & Education program to provide staff and faculty at the UW-Seattle campus with resources, information, and guidance on how to be an ally to undocumented students.

All training presentations and materials have been created by current and former students from the University of Washington that identify as undocumented. They share with us personal experiences of struggle and triumph, as well as, academic research.

*This training will not make you a subject-matter expert, but it is guided to educate, empower and initiate important dialogue around services and support for undocumented students across campus.

Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center | Unity Suite
November 18th, 2016 | 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Training Overview
The Undocu Ally Training highlights best practices to support undocumented students as well as the following topics:

  • Narratives of undocumented students and their families.
  • An overview of the history, policies, and current issues impacting this student population.
  • Why and how to be an ally to undocumented students.
  • Strategies and models to support undocumented students.
  • Recommendations for how to personalize and adapt best practices.

Training Requirements

  • You must be able to attend all 6 hours
  • Registration fee $50
  • Lunch will be provided


Monday, November 14th, 2016
*To ensure the quality of the training, we will limit the attendance to 35 spots.