Individual Study Plans

The Individual Study Plan (ISP) is the most important planning document that you will write in CEP. It is the program’s way of ensuring that you are intentional about your education, and that you use the considerable freedom in the major to chart your own educational path in ways that are carefully thought out and consistent with your goals as well as with the requirements of the major and the UW. In this manner, the ISP is both an academic “road map” that lays out the courses you plan to take and the activities you hope to engage in over the next two years, as well as a way to document your educational aspirations, goals, and accomplishments while in the CEP program. Of course, plans are likely to evolve while in the program. You should also think of the ISP as a “living document” – regularly revising it to reflect the changes you make as you discover new opportunities and interests.


What you need to do:

1. Review the ISP GUIDELINES

2. During Autumn Quarter:

    – Draft out a plan for your next two years
    – Use the CURRENT and PAST UW Time Schedules to see when courses might be offered
    – View the LIST OF SUGGESTED COURSES for CEP students
    – Brainstorm ideas for your internship, senior project, and any other extracurriculars
    – Use the COURSE WORKSHEET to make sure your plan is possible
    – View an EXAMPLE COURSE WORKSHEET to get ideas
    – Share your plan with a senior, a peer, and/or CEP staff to get feedback

3. By the end of Autumn Quarter in your first year, upload your ISP to your E-Portfolio. The CEP adviser will review your ISP, get in touch with you about any confusions or oversights they see, and then update your DARS.

4. Quarterly, review your ISP, and make any changes necessary. For example, if you took different courses than you had planned, or if you added activities, etc.

5. Before you start your final year in CEP, thoroughly review your ISP, and make any changes necessary. By the end of the third week of Autumn Quarter, schedule a meeting with the CEP adviser to review your updated ISP, and file graduation paperwork. Once you turn in your paperwork, you will have GRADUATING SENIOR PRIORITY for registration for your final two quarters at UW.

6. If your ISP changes during your senior year, you must notify the CEP adviser so that they can update your DARS for graduation.

Example ISPs:

  • Josh Cowgill – Focus on Business for the Social Good
  • Caleb Shih – Foci on the Urban Form, Design, and Marketing
  • Eddie Plana – Foci in the Built Environments and Community Education
  • Anastasia Ivanova – Double Major in Art History and focus on Education
  • Chuhan Zheng – Foci in Planning, Preservation, and Community Engagement