Governance + Retreat

CEP is a participatory major. We believe that much of our learning grows out of being responsible for our education and program. Therefore, everyone takes part in leadership within the major according to his or her individual talents and interests. Governance is where this happens. We develop, discuss, and vote on new proposals in order to keep the program current and innovative; we manage new and on-going events, professional connections, communications, our admissions process and policy revision through committees; and we ensure collaboration and efficiency through an executive committee. CEP makes key decisions by consensus. This ensures that every member has a say in the policies and the future of the program.


Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, a student-conducted retreat is held for all CEP participants. While it is mainly for the benefit of current students, the CEP faculty/staff, alumni, and special guests may also be welcome. Retreats focus on the individual as well as the Program. Through the use of workshops and discussions, participants reflect on the Program’s past and plan for the Program’s immediate and distant future. Workshops also review core expectations of the individual such as the ISP and Senior Projects. While retreats are intensive work sessions, they are also important social occasions where the learning community is further developed and strengthened. Participation in the retreats is mandatory for all CEP students.