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June 19, 2017

GIS Analyst – City of Kirkland

GIS Analyst – City of Kirkland
(Job # 17-0081)

GIS Analyst facilitates all activities related to the design, maintenance, and operation of city geographic information systems. This includes responsibility for documentation, maintenance, and reliability of geographic information systems and related data; and implementation of standards and procedures to create and maintain the Citywide GIS. The tasks will include assisting in database design, source data research, map compilation, digitizing(COGO), attribute coding, quality control, and documentation (metadata); supporting the citywide GIS program and assisting in implementing the overall system including related application and data development tasks as described in the city’s GIS plan; observing standards for ongoing GIS database development, application development, and interdepartmental operating procedures; providing data development support to include database design reviewing, data acceptance testing, data loading and data maintenance/posting; preparing data conversion specifications and or specification review; performing database administration such as: data loading, data integrity testing, spatial metadata, and data distribution.