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September 14, 2016

EdSpe 422: (dis)Ability, Education, and the Arts

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In this course we explore ways in which the arts may afford a lens through which we might more clearly see some of the ways in which our perceptions about (dis)ability affect our lives, and the lives of others. The course will engage a variety of questions related to connections between disability, education and the arts, including: what is disability? What is art for? What do the arts teach? We pursue these questions through a wide variety of web-mediated activities (video, visits to online museums, video interviews and mini-talks) and also in the context of participating in arts-based experiences online, and in the community.

The course is taught entirely online, which is something we were initially hesitant to do… but which has turned out to be enormously productive and well received by students. It is also “asynchronous”—which means you can fit the weekly assignments into any open block in your schedule. The course meets University curriculum requirements for both VLPA and Diversity.

Interested? Visit our course website, HERE.