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November 4, 2016

Course – Understanding American Higher Education

This quarter Academic Support Programs will again offer the 2 credit, “mid-quarter start” class “Understanding American Higher Education” for international students.

As a reminder the class is intended to help international students experiencing academic difficulty who may need to drop a class around (or before) mid-quarter but also need to stay in Visa status (12 credits). The class is open to all international students.

The course is listed as General Studies 391 G.  Students will receive 2 credits for the course, which will begin Week Seven and run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6:20pm. The course will be credit/no credit.

The class is titled “Understanding American Higher Education” and will combinehistorical and philosophical context for international students about the evolving role of the university in and beyond the United States.  As importantly, the class will connect this knowledge to practical strategies for the students to succeed at a large public university and to help them reflect on their own relationship to the university experience.

We will be enrolling students directly to the class. Students will need to use their annual drop for their other course in order to enroll.

Please e-mail with your name and student ID number if you are interested.